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In The Pit Of...(uninspired) - Dawncore - Obedience Is A Slower Form Of Death (CD)

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  1. Obedience Is A Slower Form Of Death () In The Pit Of. Words. Rotten To The Core. Time Of Hurt. All Deceived. Death Valley Of The Dolls One Last Bullet For The Bedside Manner Artificial Peace (Artificial Peace) US City: Houston, TX Label: Fat Wreck Chords Format: CD, LP Tracks: 11 Time: 30 min.
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  3. This CD is the same issue that Cuneiform released a few years back, but which had gone out of print almost as soon. Anyone with even a passing interest in electronic/rock hybrid music should check it out, as well as those wanting to hear one of the chief precedents for bands ranging from Lightning Bolt to Neurosis to Squarepusher.
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  5. "Obedience" is much more interesting opus with hard thrashing riffs nailing the listener from the get-go, and even the more laid-back tracks ("The Bitter Taste of Sin") carry a sense of menace. "Oak Trail" is a ripping Slayer-esque rager matched later by the title-track in the middle.
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  7. Hiánypótló kiadvány kerül a boltokba a héten: végre vinylen is kijönnek a Dawncore felvételei. December 5-én jön ki a Trottel Recordsnál a 'es évek végének és a es évek elejének meghatározó hazai hardcore/metal-formációja, a Dawncore azonos című vinyl reallihoudobodor.ducbubbklisnintfanicharpassrencupicon.infoinfo album az ben megjelent Obedience Is A Slower Form Of Death lemezt, valamint a ben.
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